Hey Good People!  So a new year is here and with it comes the promise of two wonderfully warm Louisiana growing seasons.  So far the weather has been perfect for ammending our soil with plenty of organic matter and resetting the field for fresh heirloom plantings. Our 12 Week Spring Season will begin on Tuesday April 18th and will run through Friday July 7th.  Spring is every farmer's favorite time, coming out of the winter break with a hungrty belly and a head full of new ideas.  We have an especially robust spring season in the works and can't wait to start sharing again in the harvest together.  See below for more info on the Farm-to-Door program and a link to sign up your family.  
See you soon and thanks so much again for supporting local farming!

Here's how it works.  Each week of the season customers will receive a bag of 8 - 10 items of that week's freshest produce delivered to their doorstep.  The contents of the bag will vary depending on what is in season and fresh that week.  All of our produce is grown without the use of toxic sprays like herbicide and pesticide and is ready to eat right off the plant.  Veggies will be delivered on either Tuesdays or Fridays depending on where you live and what works best for your schedule.  Each week's bag includes fresh baked bread,  half a dozen free range chicken eggs,  homemade farm products, cut flowers and multiple varieties of the following fruits and vegetables:

Loose Leaf Lettuce
Kale / Collards
Bell Peppers
Spaghetti Squash
Butternut Squash
Hot Peppers
Sweet Corn
Fresh Herbs

Brussel Sprouts
Green Onions
Pac Choi
Broccoli & Cauliflower
Sugar Snap Peas
Green Beans

12 Week Fall Farm to Door Membership  - $480
Incremental Payments also accepted


If you have any questions feel free to text, email or call us anytime:

                                  Jessee   -   farmgypsy@gmail.com
                           Farmhouse    -   985-878-9040
                                  Sandy    -   985-320-6866  -  sandy@k2e.com
                                     Will    -   will@k2e.com

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