Thanks so much for your interest in local farming.  Please allow us to better serve you by telling us a little about yourself and we will gladly bring you out some fresh local goodies!  A farmer will contact you directly come September.

Name *
Phone *
ex: university, workplace, another customers house, lululemon (downtown New Orleans), sterling properties (Covington), etc..
General Delivery Area *
our farmers personally deliver bags to three generally areas
Preffered Delivery Day *
we try to group people in similar areas together but are very flexible
Preferred Payment Method *
we are very flexible on payments. whatever works for your family works for us
we like to know who we are feeding
the contents of our bags vary depending on the season and what is fresh that week. this is just to let us know if there are any items your family absolutely craves
We are contantly making value-added farm products that can often include dairy, nuts, wheat and other potentially allergenic ingredients. For those eating gluten-free we can substitute weekly gluten free bread!